Architecture & Civil Engineering

Architecture & Civil Engineering

ProjSul has been in business for more than eighteen years, making all the efforts to provide the bestservice to all clients regardless of their requests. Whether clients wish to build a Villa, a swimming pool, just renovate or even legalize some work they did without planning permission, ProjSul will help accomplish the project.

Because ProjSul can take care of your architectural project, but also the engineering projects, as well as coordinate and fiscalize the construction, the client does not need to worry about finding different people for the different stages and can rely on having a better service provided, since everything is coordinated and done by the same staff, guaranteeing a better service altogether.

At ProjSul there is also the care to see the job through until completion, which means that no project will be left halfway through.

Being in business for 18 years now, ProjSul staff is very familiar with planning procedures at the different townhalls in the Algarve, knowing exactly the best way to proceed in each case.

Mostly importantly, ProjSul staff can provide a number of other services, apart from actual projects, that may be required these days for several purposes.

ProjSul can provide:

-         Engineering projects: structural; water; sewage; thermal insulation; acoustic insulation, gas,  and many others;

-         Architectural projects;

-         Energy Certificates;

-         Health and safety coordination during construction;

-         Fiscalization and coordination during construction;

-         Self-protection measures;

-         Process for local lodging;

-         Safety against fire projects;

-         Reports of technical nature;

-         Etc.


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