Property Management & Rentals

Property Management & Rentals

Our business partners, Amarante Villas, specialize in the rental of high quality villas in Portugal. Especially the Algarve, the region of Lisbon (coast) and the north of Portugal (above Porto). All villas feature a private pool and meet minimum quality standards.


In full cooperation with Amarante Villas, we use all international marketing channels and social media as well. Our agents are from all over the world. For example in the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Canada, US, Portugal, etc.


Because of our extensive network and different ways we market the villas, we work not on a commission basis, but on NET to the property owner price rates. This means that we agree for a fixed price per week, per season and the property owner will receive payment when the Villa is booked. In that way we have a bit of flexibility with the prices. This is because marketing channels and agents all have a different commission rate and we can adapt the prices for each organisation.


In full cooperation with Amarante Villas, we reach clear agreements with the property owners in all aspects of their villas, including maintenance. we also check all the service agreements so that each Villa is well presented. We only take on villas of high quality, so giving our customers the highest sense of satisfaction. Amarante Villas has people (often friends) working for us in all important areas, who visit villa owners; make contracts, carry out quality checks; assist customers at check in and support them during their stay. Also our sales team is knowledgeable and visits the villas and the areas in which they are situated, keeping a close connection with all people connected with them.


We can also arrange services that optimise the ease and enjoyment of your vacation: local chefs to cook at your villas; car rental, wine tasting and many other services.


Because of our focus on Portugal, we can offer better service and quality. We want to focus 100% on quality and customer satisfaction.


12 reasons to work with Amarante Villas:

1)     No rentals, no costs

       We don't ask homeowners to pay any fixed costs. You only pay us once your holiday home has been rented out.

2)     Financial Security

      No need to worry about payments ever again: we pay the full rental price up front to any bank account in the world.

3)     Professional pictures and drone video’s

      The presentation is very important to have a good occupancy. This is why we put together a photo gallery for you and a detailed house description in a minimum of four languages. Depending on the contract, also a free drone video is included.

4)     Personal property manager

      We connect you to a personal villa manager who is living in the area and is very familiar with the region & services. The villa manager is available for any questions or advice. 

5)     Global promotion

       Promotion through our own websites, partner websites including Homeaway, TripAdvisor, VRBO, Airbnb, and many more, including specialized agencies, tour operators, newsletter, direct mail and social media. We will reach millions of holidaymakers.

6)     Online booking calendar and intranet

      Your holiday home availability will be recorded on just one calendar. You'll find everything you need in just one overview and never have to worry about double bookings again.

7)     Up to 100% compensation for cancellations

       If a booking is cancelled and you can't rent your holiday home out to anyone else in the same period, you will receive compensation.

8)     AL-license for your property 

       We can arrange the AL license for your property. It's also possible have this in our company name.

9)     Discount on our villas

       As a property owner, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all properties in Amarante Villas.

10)  Damage is covered

       Our guest will pay a security deposit and in case of any damage, we block the deposit. Afraid for young groups, single groups, etc? We check this on the moment of the booking, so no problem at all!

11)  Property management for owners

     We manage all of our properties directly so you can be certain that when you have Amarante Villas service, the property is being serviced regularly to meet industry standards, including general property management, cleaning, maintenance and emergency call outs 24/7 to guarantee your peace of mind whilst on your holiday in the sun.

12)  Services

     Check-in / out, key delivery, house maintenance, cleaning, linen supply and laundry, 24h emergency help.